DataBeyond has partnered with Unilever and Alibaba to develop a smart 


Plastic bottle RVM, which is now commonly found on university campuses. This intelligent machine can identify, price, and settle individual plastic bottles within one second. The smart plastic bottle RVM from DataBeyond offers rapid recognition and a wide range of capabilities, going beyond the conventional method of scanning QR codes on bottle surfaces. Let's join hands in supporting the worldwide effort to reduce plastic usage and protect our precious blue planet.

Sorting Case
Smart Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Project

The project introduced bow leaf Technology to install hundreds of intelligent recycling machines in major universities across the country, and Unilever joined hands with Tmall campus and Ant Forest to launch the "Clean plastic action" to create the first large-scale AI closed-loop plastic recycling system in China. The "zero waste" green action to help the recycling economy of plastics and reduce carbon emissions will promote the Sustainable Development Goals.


Benefits of the project for customers:

· Has been included in the United Nations Database of Good Practices in Sustainable Development

· Improve the processing and reuse of high-quality plastics to form a plastic closed loop

· Call on student groups to promote plastic recycling, reduce global plastic pollution, and build a better life

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