Functions of IQC Line Plastic Bales


Automated detection on rigid plastic bottle bales, including PET and PE ,analyzing the weight proportions of various plastic bottles and miscellaneous materials.Recycle effectively:


· Reduce management loopholes in bale inspection processs

· Automating and equitable pricing

· Significantly reducing the number of quality inspection workers

· Improve the efficiency of bale IQC

· Track the IQC data of bottle bales


System list

· Debaler

· Infeed Conveyor

· Trommel Screen

· Vibration Feeder

· AI Optical Sort

· Air Blower

· Storage

· Receving Conveyor belt

· Automatic Electronic Scale

· Integrated Operating Console

· Management System of Bale IQC Line


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FASToAi 143 3tons/hour
FASToAi 184 4tons/hour
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FASToAi·SPEC 184/106/146/206/286
FASToAi·FLUO 106/148/208/288
FASToAi·METAL 106/146/206/286
FASToAi·SPEC·METAL 106/146/206/286
FASToAi·SPEC·FLUO 106/148/208/288
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