Compact footprint, easy to move:

● High flexibility, allowing rapid adjustment of plans to meet production demands

● Cost-effective in terms of space utilization

● Convenient for maintenance and cleaning

● Suitable for temporary workplaces


Equipped with the "AI Brain" shared with large-scale sorting machines:

● Outstanding sorting performance

● Continuous upgrades and optimizations of the data model


Sorting accuracy up to 99.6%:

● Minimize losses and reduce labor costs

● Ensure smooth operation of the production line

● Enhance product quality and increase profitability


Simultaneously unloading, sorting, and QC-check, offering multi-functionality:

● Improve unloading efficiency

● Fine-grained sorting capabilities

● Precise pricing


Standard equipped with domestic mainstream motor, NSK bearing imported from Japan, 200 type metal roller shafts,

laser line-scan camera, anti-rebound catching bin

IP65 protection grade of electric control system and IP65 protection grade of valve block system

The sorting accuracy is above 99.6%, replacing 3-4 workers in a single shift

Powerful, can be matched with "hyperspectral camera", 256 bands, PC, PVC, PETG, PP, PE, composite material,

clear, never exceed the standard straightforward operation, sorting with just one click, user-friendly

Processing capacity: 4 tons/hour







Product Features
Simultaneously unloading, sorting, and QC-check, offering multi-functionality
Sorting accuracy up to 99.6%
Equipped with the "AI Brain" shared with large-scale sorting machines
Compact footprint, easy to move
Product Specification
FASToAi 184


FASToAi 184

Length 5m x  Width 2.1m x Height 2.3m

Identification Accuracy

Operating Voltage

Configurable to meet varying electrical requirements in different countries

*The above data and configurations are for reference only.Please refer to the actual equipment for specifics. The identification accuracy may vary depending on the incoming materials.

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FASToAi 143 3tons/hour
FASToAi 184 4tons/hour
FASToAi 106 4tons/hour
FASToAi 146 5tons/hour
FASToAi 206 8tons/hour
FASToAi 286 10tons/hour
FASToAi·SPEC 184/106/146/206/286
FASToAi·FLUO 106/148/208/288
FASToAi·METAL 106/146/206/286
FASToAi·SPEC·METAL 106/146/206/286
FASToAi·SPEC·FLUO 106/148/208/288
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